Concert Desguin Kwartet

Luther Museum Amsterdam, Nieuwe Keizersgracht 570
Van 9 juli 2023
16:45 - 19:00

The Desguin Quartet was founded in 2017 at the Antwerp Conservatory and quickly became known for their versatility and interdisciplinary approach. They were selected as ‘Artist in Residence’ of SWUK Vlaanderen in 2018 and shortly afterwards as a member of Orpheus Institute and the Pro Quartet Academy in Paris, where they are frequently coached by members of the Alban Berg, Danel, Doric and Zemlinsky Quartet, among others. In 2020 they became laureate and audience winner of the Supernova Classics competition and were invited to be part of the Italian ‘Le Dimore Del Quartetto’ network shortly afterwards.


  • Haydn – string quartet opus 76 no 5 
  • Dvorak – string quartet no. 12 in F, “American”
  • Danish String Quartet – Scandinavian folk songs

The Desguin Quartet is a welcome guest at various prestigious events. They performed at Klarafestival, Festival Odegand, Festival van Vlaanderen, Leuven Jazz, Arte Amanti Chamber Music Festival, Musik Collagen Darmstadt, and many others.

Meer informatie en tickets via website van Museum Geelvinck

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