The Lutheran Museum Foundation

The Lutheran Museum is situated in the boardrooms, corridor and church hall of the Wittenberg building, the former Evangelical-Lutheran Home for the Elderly (OMVH). This makes it a very appropriate location for the museum. The building is relatively unknown and has not been open to the public before now. Hence the museum is linked intrinsically to the actual building.

Aims and policy

The museum aims to acquaint the public with Lutheranism in Amsterdam and The Netherlands and with the role of Wittenberg as the administrative centre as well as the works of the charity in the past but also in the present. Our foremost goal is the actual opening of the museum in June 2019. A further goal will be the fine-tuning of the organization to include extra activities, education, exhibitions, and the celebration of 250th Wittenberg year in 2022. Our inclusion in the Dutch Museum Register and our registration as Cultural ANBI (PBO – Public Benefit Organization) will be another important milestone.  This will allow the Lutheran Museum to qualify as a full member of the SAM (Collective interests of the Amsterdam Museums, the Plantage district and the Dutch Museum Association).

Management and organization and policy

The foundation subscribes to the code of ethics for museums and conforms to the Cultural Governance Code. The boardmembers are not paid any salary. Until the opening of the museum, management will delegate tasks to the quartermaster. The future structure of the organization will be determined based on the quartermaster's recommendations.

We intend to be able to open the museum for four days a week with the help of volunteers. We will also look at the possibility of doing this in conjunction with our diaconal charity work.​ However, availing of the help of refugees, the elderly, and the young may result in a mutually beneficial collaboration. We could provide young people and students with trainee positions for work experience.

​We intend to keep the amount of paid staff to a minimum and in the coming period we will develop our policy for volunteers. 

Annual reports and annual accounts




drs. Lieuwe Zoodsma​

drs. Ir. Heidi van Limburg Stirum

dr. Harry C.Donga

drs. Sabine Tol

dr. Pieter Boot

drs. Geert van Wesemael

drs. Tonko Grever


Komt u ons helpen?

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