Over het museum

The Lutheran Museum is situated in the Wittenberg building on the Nieuwe Keizersgracht 570. It was built in 1772 as the Evangelical-Lutheran Diaconal house for the Elderly. It played a big part in the care of the poor, the elderly and orphans. ​

Your tour around the museum will begin in the governors’ boardroom, which was designed by Jacob Otten Husley. The governors presided over the running of the care home from this room. You will then move on the administration office. Here you will learn about Maarten Luther and his translation of the Word of God, illustrated by paintings and the many old bibles in the museum collection

The room next to this is the Linen room and connects with the lady governor room. Linen was one of the most valuable possessions of the home. Here, where linen was once stored, silver Communion-service (the Lord's Supper) gleam, not only those from Amsterdam, but from other Lutheran communities such as Doesburg, Zierikzee and Leiden. The oldest pieces date back to the early 17th century. In the lady governor room you will learn more about the important role that women played both at home and in the church.

A long corridor leads us through the course of history and brings us to the present-day works of the diaconate: care of the poor, the aged, those without papers, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Exhibitions, events and concerts take place in the impressive church hall.

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