Unique medals

In this chapter several unique medals are introduced. And last but not least a pin collection.

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Badge with logo of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation and the Diaconia Amsterdam

Badge with logo of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation and the Diaconia Amsterdam, enamelled. Designed by: Total Design, 2008. The swan (symbol of Luther) to the right: future bound. The wings expresses the dynamic and can be seen as flames (the fire of the Holy Ghost). The color orange symbolizes life as counterweight to the injustice in the world (the color purple symbolizes suffering). 25 mm.

Badge and pendant in the form of a Lutherrose

Badge and pendant in the form of a Lutherrose (gold, silver, enamelled, various sizes).

Badge, enamelled in red and black

Badge, enamelled in red and black, in the middle in gold a swan on an open bible, legend: Luth.Jeugd Org.De Wartburg. The badge of the Lutheran youth-association De Wartburg, founded March 13th 1922, still existing, 18×17 mm.

Badge, laurelcrown

Badge, laurelcrown with initials L J O , legend: Amsterdam. Badge of the Lutheran Youth Organization, founded 1924 (members were old catechumens of Reverend P.Stegenga Azn. In 1946 dissolved). silver, sawed, 18×17 mm.

Pendant with eye in the form of a shield

Pendant with eye in the form of a shield. A swan to the left on the waves. Legend: C W V M L. Badge of the Christelijk Werklieden Vereniging Maarten Luther. Founded in1897 in Amsterdam after years it transformed into a national association: Nederlands Luthers Werkliedenverbond (Dutch Lutheran Workers Union). Silver, sawed and engraved, 39×37 mm.

Badge: Lutherrose

Badge: Lutherrose, subscription: Maarten Lutherhuis. Since 1967 the medal for the personnel in the Old Age home Maarten Luther in Amsterdam-Osdorp.

Badge: outlined swan with inscription

Badge: outlined swan with inscription: Wittenberg, legend: Evangelisch-Luthers Verpleeghuis. Since 1974 this was the medal for nursing personnel in the Lutheran nursing home, situated in the historic building of the Evangelisch-Luthers Diaconie Oude Mannen- en Vrouwenhuis, Nieuwe Keizersgracht corner Nieuwe Kerkstraat, Amsterdam.

Commemoration medal for 25-years service

Commemoration medal for 25-years service, with blue-white strap and inscription: In the middle a pigeon to the left with olive branch (Genesis 8:11). It’s the international symbol for the work of the deaconesses. Inscription: Door stil zijn en hopen zult gij sterk zijn.(In quietness and hope you will be strong. Reverse: Inscription in laurel border: 15 December 1904-1929 Dina Rappange Diakones der Luth.Diak.Inrichting. Silver 28 mm, Begeer Utrecht.

Commemoration badge

Found and blue-and-white enameled. Blue is the color of hope.

Commemoration badge

Commemoration badge. The Lutheran deaconesses had on their uniforms a special oval medal with pin. This particular pin was presented on a 25-year jubilee: In the middle above the cross a pigeon to the right with olive branche (Genesis 8:11). It was the symbol inaugurated by Theodoor Fliedner, the initiator of the work the deaconesses did. On the lef,t a burning oil lamp (St Matthew) and on the right fruit-bearing ears of corn. Reverse: Luthersche Diakonessen Inrichting (the Lutheran Hospital in Amsterdam) with a number (every member had their own number), silver, 45×25 mm.

1963, Commemoration medal of the Assembly

1963 – Commemoration medal of the Assembly of the Lutheran World Federation in Helsinki (Finland): The World with Cross, legend: The Lutheran World Federation, Helsinki 1963. Reverse: Christ and the cross. Medallist: Eila Hiltunen (1922-2003), legend: Kultateollisuus, bronze, 55 mm, in plastic box with the name of a delegate: number 354 Westermann Miss.

1903, Presentation medal

1903 – Presentation medal of the dispute Ecclesiae Collaboramus/We together be zealous for the church: Five point star with initials in the middle: E.C. Legend:Lutheranorum theologiae studiosorum sodalicium Ecclesiae Collaboramus, MCMIII (1903) / association of Lutheran students in theology, We together be zealous for the church: Reverse: blanco with wreath of oak-leaves. This association was founded in 1903. silver, 40 mm, with knob and eye with green/white string

1870, Presentation medal

1870 – Presentation medal of the Theological Students Dispute ‘Excelsior deo iuvante’/Higher with God, s help. Oldest corporation of theological students in Utrecht, founded October 18th 1870, Lucerna pedibus meis verbum tuum./ Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path, Psalm 119:105. Originally it was an orthodox reformed dispute. Later on (1915) there were also Lutheran students: Laurel garland with 3 lines: Excelsior deo iuvante 18 oct:1870 /Higher with God’s help. Reverse: Religion on globe with rod and burning oil lamp. Legend: Lucerna pedibus meis verbum tuum/ Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Silver, 35 mm, with knob and eye and black velvet strap bordered with pink silk and embroidered initials EDJ.

1827 – Introduction of the new songbook

1827 – Introduction of the new songbook of the Lutheran Congregations: Laurel garland with 6-lines: Ter gelegenheid der invoering van de Christelyke Ge­zangen in den jare 1827(Commemoration of the introduction of the Christian Songs in the year 1827). Reverse: Religion with cialis flame on the head. Left hand the bible (Biblia Sacra), right hand on the bust of Luther on column; on the column the swan; against the column the shield with the symbols of faith, hope and love. Legend: Evangeliesch Lutersche Kerk in het Koningryk der Nederlanden. Medallist: David van der Kellen, silver, bronze, 46 mm.

1793. Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 1793, Inauguration of the church of the Restored Lutheran Congregation, August 28th 1793, in honour of Reverend Johannes Hamelau: In the background the church building under heavenly light, in foreground Reverend Hamelau to the r.. Legend: Dominu Johannis Hamelau 1793. And: God alleen de eere. (Only God the honour). Johannes Hamelau 1737-1804, became a minister in Amsterdam in 1791. Rev. Hamelau was the first minister of the restored congregation after the separation from the original congregation. Reverse: Op de plegtige inwijding van de nieuw gebouwde kerk by de Herstelde Luthersche Gemeente, binnen Amsterdam, op den 28de van Oogstmaand Ao. 1793, door den W:el Eerw.aarden en Z.eer Geleerd.en Heer Johannes Hamelau. (On the solemn inauguration of the new built church of the Restored Lutheran Congregation of Amsterdam, on the 28th of the harvest month 1793 by the Reverend Johannes Hamelau. Text Exodus XX L.aatste ged.eelte van Vers 24: “Op elke plaats waar ik mijn naam wil laten noemen, zal ik naar jullie toekomen en je zegenen”. (In every en que farmacia venden viagra sin receta place where I cause my name to be remembered I will come to you and bless you.) Silver, 60 mm, engraved

Amsterdam, 1756, Commemoration bust in gold

Amsterdam, 1756, Commemoration bust in gold: Martin Luther to the right, with two silver garlands on velvet in wooden frame. Inscription on the garlands: Doctor Martinus Lutherus. Geboren te Eisleben 10 Nov. 1483 Gestorven Aldaar 18 Feb 1546. (Dr Martinus Lutherus, born in Eisleben November 10th 1483, died February 18th 1546). On the backs a poem on the reformation work of Luther. He deserves gold and that’s why the goldsmith Stagman made such a beautiful piece. Op de Afbeelding van Dr Marthinus Lutherus, in Goud gedreven. Lutherus, die Gods kerk, In ‘t Goud van vollen Luister, Door ‘t groot Hervormings werk, Bragt uit het dwalend duister; Hij, in het goud om hoog, Der Eeuwigheid verheven! Blinkt hier in goud voor ‘t oog, Door STAGMANS hand gedreven. MDCCLVI Jacob Hulk Medallist: Jeremias Stagman (1699 Erfurt- 1762 Amsterdam). (120×120 mm)

Hoorn 1701 Lottery Medal

Hoorn, 1701, lottery medal. Interior of the building “De Doelen” in which the lottery took place. Present are the minister and other church officials. Between the two lottery boxes an orphan is the person that draws the lots. View of the Lutheran Church through the open doors. Subscription: Ter gedagtenis van de loterye voor de Lutersche Kerk tot Hoorn; Anno 1701.( In commemoration of the lottery in favour of the Lutheran Church at Hoorn) Reverse: Aan Cornelia Schadé, Komt Nichje! neemt dees Penning aan / Die u Grootvader u wou schenken / Om aan de moeit bij hem gedaan / Voor d’Hoornse Lootery te denken / En wenscht u daarbij ’t Heil van god / Als ’t allerhoogste zielen Lot: Joh. Nieuland ( To Cornelia Schadé, Come, niece, accept this medal as a present from your grandfather and as a commemoration of his devotion for the lottery in Hoorn. He wishes you God’s salvation as the best a soul can get. Joh. Nieuland. In the archives of the Lutheran congregation of Hoorn is still the bill of the assets and liabilities of this lottery. The profits were more than two thousand guilders. This unique oval medal was part of the collection of Princess Marianne of the Netherlands and was auctioned in 1933 by the numismatic firm Schulman. Nowadays it is the property of the Westfries Museum Hoorn. silver, 82×72 mm.

Amsterdam Medal with engraved exterior of the New Lutheran Church

Amsterdam: medal with engraved exterior of the New Lutheran Church as it was inaugurated in 1671, double cable borders. Reverse: Initials (H I NM) with mark in garland. Subscription: Ter Gedachtenisse van Hendrick cialis Iansz. Niemandt. Heeft de eerste steen geleydt van De Nieuwe Luyterse Kerck tot Amsterdam 1668 Gestorven den 17 July Anno 1695 Out 50 jaren, (In memory of Hendrick Iansz.Niemandt. He has laid the first Stone of the New Lutheran Church of Amsterdam 1668, died July the 17th 1695, fifty years old). Silver, 41 mm.


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