Other Lutheran Congregations and institutions

Lutheran congregations and foundations of the following cities are mentioned in this chapter: Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Haarlem, Schiedam, Middelburg, Zaandam, Woerden.

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1925, Martyr Jan de Bakker on a stake

1925, martyr Jan de Bakker on a stake:Jan de Bakker on a pile at a stake (1525) Legend: Iohannes Pistorius Wovrdensis Protomartyr Hollandiae 1525, Sigil.lum Eccles.ia Wovrdensis Invariatae August.ana Confess.iones, reverse: “Doch des Christens geweten/ moet worden vrijgelaten/en aan zijn geloof/moet geen geweld geschieden”, ( The conscience of a Christian should be free and no violence must attack his faith.) silver 60 mm.

1795, Medal on the death of Rev. Daniel Beekman

1795, medal on the death of Rev. Daniel Beekman: open bible, map, globe, skull and oil lamp on the Book with the Gospel, reverse: Ter Gedachtenis van den Weleerw. Heer Daniel Beekman, Leeraar der Luth. Gem. te Westzaandam Obit 13 April 1795 ( In remembrance of the Rev. Daniel Beekman, minister of the Lutheran Congregation of Westzaandam, died April 13th 1795), engraved, silver, 39 mm.

1741, The building of the Lutheran Church of Middelburg

1741, medal commemorating the building of the Lutheran Church of Middelburg: the city of Middelburg as a woman, to the l. Religion, to the r. city-view of Middelburg. Legend: Munificentia SPQ Medioburg, inscription:Augustanam Confessionem Professis Area Ad Templum Aedific. Concessa/ By the benevolence of the council and the people of Middelburg the ground to build a church is granted to the confessors of the Augsburg Confession. Reverse: the building with swan, Religion in front of the church. Legend: Structa super lapidem non ruet ista domus/Dit huis op een rotssteen gebouwd, zal niet neerstorten, Lucas 6:48 (That one is like a man building a house, who dug deeply and laid the foundation on rock; when a flood arose, the river burst against that house but could not shake it, because it had been built well.) Medallist: Martinus Holtzhey, silver 49 mm.

1932, Tricentennial of Gustav Adolf

1932, tricentennial of Gustav Adolf, saviour of protestantism: bust to the r., reverse: lutherrose. Legend: Drie honderd jaren is’t geleden dat hij bij Lützen heeft gestreden, voor zijn geloof, in bangen nood, victorie bracht zijn heldendood. 1632 Lutherroos 1932 (300 years ago he fought the battle for his faith near Lützen under severe circumstance; through his death he gained victory) Subscription: De Schiedamsche Luthersche Gemeente. Medallist: Karl Goetz, bronze 35 mm.

1993, Ten years anniversary of the Orphanage

1993, lcelebration of ten years anniversary of the Orphanage and Old Age home Vitae Vesper: lutherrose: St Evangelisch-Luthers Bejaarden Centrum Haarlem, reverse:logo of Vitae Vesper, 2 V’s and swan with subscription: ik dien (I serve), silver alloy, 57 mm.

1792, 50 years ministry of Rev. C.C.H. van der Aa

1792, medal on 50 years ministry of Rev. C.C.H. van der Aa, minister of the Lutheran Congregation of Haarlem: bust to the l.: Ae.tatis 74 en I.G.Holtzhey f.ecit. Legend: Christianus Carolus Henricus van der Aa. reverse: Religion, the Bible and the Augsburg Confession to the l., and the altar to the r. the cipher L=50. Legend: God is love. 1 John 4: 8. Dated: August 12th 1792. Medallist: Johan Georg Holtzhey, silver, 60 mm.

1696, Medal commemorating the death of Rev. Johannes Wilckens

1696, medal commemorating the death of Rev. Johannes Wilckens: Rev.Wilkens on the pulpit with consistory and congregation celebrating Holy Communion:’D Johannes Wilkens geboren tot Rotterdam den 22 December 1661 Beroepen in Luthersche kerk tot Haarlem den 12 Novemb.1682’ (Rev. Johannes Wilckens, born in Rotterdam December the 22 1661, called by the Lutheran Church of Haarlem, November the 12th 1682), reverse: bearers with coffin on the l. on the r. city-view of Haarlem. Subscription on the coffin: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”Matthew.5.9, legend:”Op’t reyken van het Avontmaal/Is hy gerukt in ‘s Hemels Zaal” (When he served at the Lord’s supper, he was pulled into heaven). Inscription:’Tot Groote Droefheijt der Gemeente Siek geworden en Overleden op Paesdagh den 22 en begraven den 27 April 1696’.( He fell ill and died on Easter April 22 and was buried April 27th 1696 with tremendous sadness within the congregation), silver, 70×55 mm.

1983, Medal commemorating the restoration of the church

1983, medal commemorating the restoration of the church and Martin Luther’s birthday: bust to the r., reverse: Lutherrose, legend: Vivit cum viva et magna voce. He lives, loud and clear. Medallist: Niel Steenbergen, bronze, 74,5 mm.

1941, Centenary of the Evangelical Lutheran Orphanage

1941, centenary of the Evangelical Lutheran Orphanage and Old Age home: swan and oak tree with coat of arms: Evangelical Lutheran orphanage and Old Age home, Utrecht, reverse: in background view of the building: 1841 in remembrance of the centenary, January the 10th 1941. Medallist: Maarten L. Pauw, silver and bronze, 50 mm.

1858, J.Decker Zimmerman

1858, J.Decker Zimmerman, 50 years minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Utrecht: bust to the l., reverse: fifty stars, subscription: Fifty years of ministry 1808-1858. Medallist: Johan Philip van der Kellen, bronze 48 mm.

1778, Death of A.J. van Uchelen

1778, death of A.J. van Uchelen housewife of Reverend J.D. Deiman: tomb with dead body: I live and you will live also, reverse: star and palm branches: Ter Rouw Gedacht.enis Van A. P. van Uchtelen Geb.oren te Amsterd.am 1 Aug.ustus 1738: gehuwd met Do J. D. Deiman te Woerd.en 4 Maart 1765 * Gest:orven Te Utr.echt 28 Nov.ember 1778. (In remembrance of A.P. van Uchtelen. Born in Amsterdam. The First of August 1738; married to rev. J.D.Deiman in Woerden on March the 4th 1765, died in Utrecht, November the 28th 1778. Medallist: Johan Georg Holtzhey, silver, 29 mm.

1763, Founding of the Lutheran Orphanage of The Hague

1763, Founding of the Lutheran Orphanage of The Hague: Lutheran swan, on the left and right the orphan-girls and boys, with bread from heaven under the sun: Hebr.eën hoofdstuk XIII vers 5: I will never leave you or forsake you. Subscription: THREN.oi hoofdstuk V. v.ers 3 (Lamentations): We have become orphans, fatherless. Legend: Sic Coelitus per Cordum Inclinationum Cygnea Hagae Comitum Alitur Proles / The youth of the Lutheran Congregation of The Hague is mercyfully fed from heaven. Ps. LXXVIII v.ers 23: Reverse: Triangle with Hebrew subscrition JHWH, and: HIC DEUS OMNIA/God is everything. Two coats of arms: Exod.us hoofdstuk 11 v.ers 9: “Take this child and nurse it for me, and I will give you your wages.” So the woman took the child and nursed it. In Perpetuam Memoriam Coetui Lutherano Hagi:ensi Concessae Libertatis Erigendi Orphanotrophium. D:ie VI. IUN.ii MDCXXXIII,/ In eternal commemoration of the Lutheran congregation in The Hague on account of the granted freedom of founding an orphanage. Legend: Ampliss.imi Magistr.atus Hagiens.es. Non Pauca Fecerunt. Praepot.entes Or¬din.es Holl.andiae et WestFris.iae Permulta, N. v. Swinderen F. It’s not little that was contributed by the governors of the Hague, still more by the honourable gentlemen of the States of Holland and Westfriesland. Medallist: Nicolaas van Swinderen, silver 44 mm.

1693, Rev. Johannes Colerus of Amsterdam

1693, medal on the call of Rev.Johannes Colerus of Amsterdam: bust to the r. Legend: Johannes Colerus A.ugustana C.onfessiones AMSTEL.aedami NUNC HAG.ae PAST.or/Johannes Colerus, pastor of the Amsterdam (Congregation) of the Augsburg Confession, in the present time at The Hague, reverse: Orange tree in pedestal with coat of arms of The Hague, in the background city-view on Amsterdam with the Round Lutheran church. Subscription:Quoque transplantata virebit/ transplanted he will still flourish. Silver and pewter, 47 mm.

2007, Luthermedal

2007, Luthermedal: Bust of Martin Luther to the l.: Non moriar des vivam et narrabo opera domini/I shall not die but live and tell the wonders of God. Reverse: Exterior of the Andreas Church, dated 1604 and Rotterdam, Lutheran Congregation. Medallist: Heleen van Wetering, cupronikkel, 38 mm.

1954, Commemoration of 350-years of the Lutheran congregation

1954, commemoration of 350-years of the Lutheran congregation: pigeon with olive-branch, subscription: pax vobis/vrede met u (peace be with you). Legend: Sig.illum Ecc.lesiae Rot.terodamensis Sub Symb.olo Invar.iata Conf.essione Aug.ustanae / Seal of the church of the Augsburg Confession in Rotterdam. reverse: pregnant women with eagle-wings, a crown with 12 stars, standing on the moon, with Hebrew subscription: Immanuel. Legend: Sigill.Ecclesiae Rotterodamensis Sub Symb. August. Confes. Invar. Copper, 60 mm.

1648, funeral medal of Hiëronymus Hirnius

1648, funeral medal of Hiëronymus Hirnius, Lutheran minister of Rotterdam: skull and bones with hourglass: Dn. M. Hieronymus Hirnius van Maachden Borgh, Predicant Der Luthersche Gemeente tot Rotterdam Obijt 30 Martij 1648 (Rev. Hieronymus Hirnius from Magdeburg, minister of the Lutheran congregation of Rotterdam, deceased March 30th 1648). Reverse: palm tree branche: Gerust In ’t Midden van de Baeren (Medius tranquillus in undis) (Rested in the middle of heavy seas). Psalm 126 De Welcke met Tranen Hier Saaijen, die Sullen daar namaals met Blijdschap Maeijen (May those who sow in tears reap with shouts of joy.) Given to the bearers of the corps, no image, only known out of the literature, silver, oval.

1940, Commemoration of the bombing attack on Rotterdam

1940, commemoration of the bombing attack on Rotterdam, Lutheran church destroyed: the church-building in flames, subscription: Evang. Luthersche Kerk Rotterdam, 1736-1940. reverse: poem on flames: Wat tussen bouw en brand bestond, verging…in weinige uren. Maar niet wat men te doen hier vond. Want dat zal eeuwig duren. (What existed between foundation and the fire, Perished … in a few hours. But not the things that were done. Because that is an eternal challenge. Poem by J. Spliethoff Medallist: Maarten L. Pauw, copper 60 mm.

1870, centennary of the Evangelical Lutheran Orphanage of Rotterdam

1870, centennary of the Evangelical Lutheran Orphanage of Rotterdam: Weeshuis der Evangelisch Luthersche Gemeente, Rotterdam (Orphanage of the Evangelical Lutheran congregation of Rotterdam, reverse: dated, 1770 / 29 april / 1870, bronze, 44 mm.

1741, Token for the poor

1741, token for the poor: Van / de Luyterse Diacony / Binnen / Rotterdam / 1741, met klop “20” (From the Lutheran Diakonia of Rotterdam 1741, stamped with “20”), reverse: blanco or with inscription:voor de weekdagen (for weekdays), lead, 25 and 36 mm.

1736, Commemoration of the founding of the Lutheran Church of Rotterdam

1736, Commemoration of the founding of the Lutheran Church of Rotterdam: city-view with coat of arms of Rotterdam and those of the mayors: J. Van Meel, Mr H. Van de Stael, Mr. A. Deynoot and Mr. H. Pelt, subscription: De leden die Godts Geest in Christus komt vereenen.(The members through the spirit of God in Christ united). Reverse: exterior of the church, inscription: Verstrekken dit gebou tot levendige steenen.(are the living stones of this building). Below the coat of arms of: A.gatha M.aria Crol and D.aniel De Jong Iun.ior, two children of distinguished members of the congregation. Legend: Eersten steen gel.egd D.en 5 oct.ober 1733, voltooid 1736.( First Stone laid on October the 5th 1733, completed 1736) Signature: M. Holtzhey fecit. Medallist: Martinus Holtzhey, silver and bronze, 49 mm.


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