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What Are Sacrament Seals?

Prior to the celebration of the Lord's Supper, believers were to self-inquire into repentance and penance so that one could receive the sacraments "worthily". This penance could be done in a pastoral conversation with the pastor or by attending a special penance service. Then they could participate in the sacrament celebration. Due to the growth in the number of congregation members in the seventeenth century, it was only possible to check whether one was entitled to participate in the sacraments by means of a marked bob. This presentation token or "bob" often contained a representation on one side and a year and / or seal on the other, often also the swan. It was usually round and made of lead, but it could also be square or oval and in copper or even in some cases in silver. This curious practice fell into disuse at the end of the nineteenth century. The communion sheds were in use by the Lutheran congregations of Amsterdam, Delft, Enkhuizen, 's Gravenhage, Groningen, Haarlem,' s Hertogenbosch, Leiden, Middelburg, Rotterdam, Schiedam, Utrecht, Vlissingen, Zutphen

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Delft, communion token

De penning heeft aan de voorzijde als omschrift: DOET BOET . EÑ GELOOFT DEN EVANGELI . MAR . C . 1 . 15, oftewel: Doet boete ende gelooft den evangelium, Marcus caput [=hoofdstuk] 1:15. Twee vrouwen verbeelden het geloof (links) en de boete (rechts). De linker vrouw zit op de wereldbol en houdt een kruis vast. Aan haar linkerknie staat het lam Gods op een ondergrond van bloemen. Dit komt overeen met het zegel van de Lutherse Gemeente Delft ( zie ook nr 82). De rechter vrouw heeft de pose van een orante: een bidder of smeker. Midden boven het tetragrammaton JHWH, de naam van God. Legend: Repent ye ans believe the Gospel, Mark 1:15. Two symbolic woman, one the Belief, the other the Repent . The left one with the Lamb of God like nr 82. Reverse, 9 lines, 1 Cor. 11:28: Examine yourselves, and only then eat of the bread and drink of the cup etc. lead, 35 mm


Zutphen, communion token, in 1733 the Amsterdam-model of the token was inaugurated. 250 tokens were given by the Amsterdam Consistory.


Vlissingen (Flushing), communion token, swan clapping the wings (identical with the seal of the congregation: SIGEL(lum) ECCLE(siae) FLESS(ingensis)/ seal of the Vlissingen (Flushing) congregation, octagonal copper, 35 mm, also in lead, variation with pearl border, 25 mm


Vlissingen (Flushing), communion token: swan: Luthersche Gemeente te Vlissingen, (Lutheran Congregation of Flushing), reverse:blanco, 35 mm

Utrecht Communion Token

Utrecht, communion token, identical with the Rotterdam tokens, same date, 1786, the seal of the lutheran congregation of Utrecht shows an olive- and palm tree branche in the middle of a crown of thorns:Regnum Christi/ Kingdom of Christ, lead 31 mm

Schiedam Communion token

Schiedam, communion token, identical with those of Rotterdam (92, 93), with undulating ornamental border. Dated 1764. Only 150 tokens struck, lead, 32 mm.

Rotterdam Communion token 1786

Rotterdam, communion token 1786, identical with 92 but dated 1786, silver, 30 mm, lead, 31 mm.

1704, Rotterdam Communion Token

Rotterdam, communion token1704: olive- and palm tree branch in the middle of a crown of thorns: Regnum Christi/Kingdom of Christ. Reverse: swan with date. Legend: Candore perennis/eternal purity. Dated1704, lead, 24 and 27 mm.

Middelburg, communion token Lutheran congregation

Middelburg, communion token Lutheran congregation: seal with anchor with a heart in the waves. Legend: Sigillum. Eccl. Aug: Mittel:B, 1708/ Seal of the church of the Augsburg Confession Middelburg. Reverse: blanco, lead, 30 mm.

1701, Leiden

Leiden, communion token, in 1701 another token was used, the mold still exists. A candle on the globe. It symbolizes Christ: I am the Light of the world. Reverse: swan between date 17/01, lead, 30mm


Leiden, communion token, copper, since 1663: Christ between candlesticks Ego sum A et O, Primus et Novissimus/I am the Alfa and the Omega, the first and the last. Reverse: Testm. Communic. Eccl. Augustan. Confessionis, Quae Est Lugd. Batavorum 1663/ admission voucher for the holy communion in the church of the Augsburg Confession in Leiden. 1663.

’s Hertogenbosch Communion Token

’s Hertogenbosch, communion token: Lamb of God with victorious banner, inscription: Agnus Dei 1737.X. Reverse: blanco

Haarlem communion token Lamb of God with victorious banner

Haarlem, communion token: Lamb of God with victorious banner, inscription: This Easter-lamb slaughtered for us. Reverse; blanco, no picture

Groningen communion token with a ship

Groningen, communion token with a ship. It has immediate connection with the seal of the congregation that shows the ship of the miraculous draught of fishes, St-Luke 5:4-6, no picture.

The Hague, communion token with nine angular

The Hague, communion token with nine angular coat of arms of the city of The Hague, reverse; blanco, lead 30 mm, no picture.

The Hague Communion token

’s Gravenhage, avondmaalsloodje: Symb: PR: Comm: Eccl: Aug: Confess. Q. E. Hag. Comit./teken voor het avondmaal in de lutherse gemeente te Den Haag. Keerzijde: Christus met de zegevaan en de wereldbol met kruis (gelijk aan het Haagse lutherse zegel), het omschrift luidt: Christus salus nostra/Christus is ons heil. Exemplaar bekend uit 1631. Ook zijn er exemplaren met een blanco keerzijde, lood, 27 mm.

Lutheran congregation in Amsterdam

The token used by the Lutheran congregation of Amsterdam, in Dutch called:nachtmaalsloodje, has probably been the model for the tokens of all the other Lutheran congregations. After Schultz Jacobi it depicted on one side a scepter, a laurel branch in the middle of a crown of thorns, inscription: Christi Regnum (Kingdom of Christ). Instead of the scepter and laurel branch a palm tree- and olive branch was depicted later. Reverse: blanco or perhaps a date.

Enkhuizen, communion token

Enkhuizen, communion token: swan, reverse: coat of arms of Enkhuizen (three herrings), lead.

Amsterdam Museum and the Geldmuseum

In the collections of the Amsterdam Museum and the Geldmuseum (National Money Museum in Utrecht) a token with a L (Lutheran) is known. Probably from the Amsterdam congregation. Reverse:blanco, lead, 21 mm.

Delft, communion token with seal of the congregation

Delft, communion token with seal of the congregation: Lamb of God with victorious banner. Legend: For the communicants of Delft. Reverse, 9 lines, 1 Cor. 11:28: Examine yourselves, and only then eat of the bread and drink of the cup. lead, 35 mm

1791, Token with inscription HLG

1791, Token with inscription HLG, reverse: blanco. HLG where the initials of the Restored Lutheran Congregation of Amsterdam, lead, 27/28 mm.


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