Commemoration of the life of Luther

Martin Luther was born November 10th 1483, he died February 18th 1546. As commemoration of both occasions medals were struck.

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1946, Commemoration of Luther’s dying day

1946, Commemoration of Luther’s dying day: Lutherrose and scripture: Vierde eeuw herdenking van Luther’s sterfdag, Amsterdam 1946 quadricennial commemoration of Luther’s dying day, Amsterdam 1946). VIVIT (He lives). Reverse: Legend: Ik zal niet sterven maar leven en de werken des Heeren verkondigen (I will not die but live and will proclaim what the Lord has done). Bust of Luther to the r: Etatis sul 57, (Luther 57-years old). Medallist: Maarten L. Pauw after G. J. Haalboom, bronze, 60 mm.

1983, Commemoration of Luther’s birthday

1983, Commemoration of Luther’s birthday: castle church of Wittenberg, reverse: bust of Luther to the l. Medallist: Michael Hohenauer, bronze 50 mm


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